Installation, use and removal of tower crane equipment
Column:Company news Time:2019-11-14
Installation, use and removal of tower crane equipment

The safety technical management of the installation, use and removal of high-rise tower crane equipment is very high. Therefore, it is an important link to control safety accidents to attach great importance to the compilation of the installation and disassembly scheme of high-rise tower crane equipment. Contractors and operators should pay attention to the safety management during the installation and dismantling of high-rise tower cranes to ensure their safe use.

Preparation of the scheme: the project management department of the general contracting unit is the high-rise tower crane user unit. Before the scheme formulation, it shall collect with the professional construction units of high-rise tower cranes, reasonably select the tower cranes needed for this project, and provide the drawings and relevant civil engineering calculation data involved in the scheme formulation to the professional construction units in a timely and accurate manner. Professional construction unit is the high-rise tower crane installation, demolition construction program preparation unit. Before the preparation of the plan, it is necessary to check the construction site, read the construction drawings and geological reports in detail, especially to understand the size of the building, the large weight of components, construction technology, construction period, the surrounding environment of the building, and so on.

Organization of personnel for installation and dismantling of tower crane equipment: the personnel who participate in installation and dismantling shall divide the work according to their positions and coordinate the operation. Draw up the network diagram of installation and dismantling operation, and formulate the post responsibility system of various professionals.

Safety technical measures for installation and removal: casting and ramming of foundation concrete, quality setting of embedded parts and acceptance requirements for concealed works; Acceptance of use after installation, equipment testing measures; Acceptance requirements for each attached wall and section; Quality acceptance requirements and trial lifting measures for bolts and welds after installation of the platform crane; Before the installation and removal of tower crane, the mechanical construction personnel shall organize technicians, quality personnel and safety personnel to sign the safety technical disclosure requirements for the relevant operators.

Tower crane equipment is one of the dangerous machines involving personal safety. As special equipment, it must have certain special requirements such as safety and maintainability. Must be in accordance with the installation, use, disassembly procedures strict control, control risks and accidents.